About Humanitarian Aid Center of the Jewish Community of Moldova

Since February 2022, the Humanitarian Aid Center was founded in the Jewish Community of Moldova.

During these months, thousands of refugees arrived in Moldova from the territory of Ukraine, including Jewish nationality. These are mainly women with children, students, elderly people. Many continued their way to Romania for the subsequent move to the EU and the state of Israel.

During this period, 11 points of temporary placement of members of the Jewish Community of Ukraine were organized. All points of temporary accommodation were provided with food, hygiene products, transport and other help. This includes significant support from the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova to local and central authorities. This assistance was noted by the President of Moldova, by the local authorities of Chisinau and Balti, all Jewish organizations and communities that received humanitarian support.

The Humanitarian Aid Center of the Jewish Community of Moldova is a center of crisis response. At the moment, the center carries out activities aimed at assisting and supporting members of the community and other temporarily displaced persons affected by military conflict. Beneficiaries are offered with financial, referral and other necessary help.

The main areas of activity are assistance in evacuation from the zones of military operations, temporary placement and support in Moldova, relocation to other EU and North America countries, support in repatriation to Israel, integration in the Republic of Moldova.

The center collaborates with Jewish, national and international organizations and partners, helping needy people to find the necessary services and get help.

Our national and international cooperation partners and sponsors:


Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
Jewish Charity Center “Hesed Yehuda”
Religious communities
Rambam Jewish Theoretical Lyceum
Herzl Technology Jewish Lyceum
Jewish library Itsik Manger
Jewish kindergarten SEVIVON
Regional jewish communities
Lay leaders
Jewish communities form EU countries

Labor assistance – “ROBOTA” by NCUM
Romanian courses, Psychological help – Training Center
Hebrew courses – Israel Cultural Center

Humanitarian Aid Center of the Jewish Community of Moldova